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David Ayala

Artist Name : David Ayala
Artist Bio : Artist
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Meet our artist, David! David Ayala began drawing on walls at an early age. Eventually he ran out of crayons and so he attended the world’s only school for comics and cartooning: the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey. Dave has since worked as a graphic artist for over 25 years. He is proficient in illustration, caricature, cartooning, comic book art, and graphics software. Dave designed an overwhelming majority of the gaming tokens manufactured during the 1990s. Dave’s professional background also includes designing interior and exterior signs for the Las Vegas casino market, he was the editorial cartoonist for the Ottumwa Courier. He’s since written and illustrated a book, “Diving Back into the Dating Pool” and a two issue comicbook series, “Clockgirl and the League of Useless Super Heroes.” Most importantly, Dave once ate a banana peel to impress a girl; she was mostly just grossed out.

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