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Artist Name : Joseph
Artist Bio : Artist
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Meet our artist, Joseph. , a midwest guy who hates the cold but loves everything else about winter – snow, football, hockey, and time with family. He always had a knack for creating but did not take it seriously as a profession until he earned his degree in Criminal Justice and found himself not satisfied. He knew it would take time to transition his career so he went back to get certified in graphic design and spent almost 2 years volunteering his time making graphics for friends, family, and strangers until he landed his first job in print advertisement for a corporation. Wanting to take control of his schedule and projects, he decided it was time to start his own graphic design business and has since had the opportunity to work on projects for Nordstrom, Staples, and many more!

In his spare time, he creates music, spends time with family, and enjoys internet culture.

Favorite Fiesta Medal: His favorite fiesta medal is David Farias because it’s a fun, animated accordion medal for a great musician.

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