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5 Essential Tips for Designing the Best Fiesta Medals

December 19, 2017

No fiesta would be complete without a few things. While parades, dancing, and musical performances may catch an eye, a fiesta medal can really steal the show.

Today's celebrations boast a copious amount of medals that honor just about anything. From honoring famous musicians to Whataburger, the creativity of festival goers runs deep.

For your medal to stand out, you need a high-quality, creative design. It's not enough to just feature a business logo or name.

No- you need something that will create a visceral feeling for the viewers. So, we're stepping in with 5 tips for designing fiesta medals.

1. Reminiscence

A great trick for capturing your audience's heart is to help them spur some nostalgia. If you're able to transport them to an earlier time that bounds many memories, you can create a strong experience.

Think back to things you did as a child growing up in San Antonio. Sunday menudos? Early Fiestas with family members? Find something that is relevant to you or your brand and run with it.

2. Community Ties

If you're looking to stand out as an inclusive entity or want to appeal to a mass audience, look at community ties. What items are significantly relevant to that group of people?

In San Antonio, the meaning of community has a heavy implication. Your audience values their sense of family and has a great appreciation for others who share this feeling.

3. Thicker Ribbon

One common rookie mistake when designing fiesta medals is not giving enough space to the ribbon. A flimsy ribbon won't stay in place and are flat-out annoying.

We recommend going for the 1 3/8” wide, as it's a sturdy enough size to support your medal.

4. Localize National Trends

You don't have to keep it to San Antonio or even Texas trends to relate to the viewers. You should also consider looking towards global or other big-scale cultural happenings that impact everyone.

The trick to this is to make sure it's still relevant to those in attendance. Are they going to care about the newest Kardashian gossip? Maybe not, but we bet they would care about an idea that's related to Fiesta.  Camp Gladiator is a national chain that created a great fiesta medal with us for fiesta san antonio in 2017. They incorporated the design, color, and energy of Fiesta San Antonio into their medal.

5. Evaluate Your Purpose

The last tip we'll leave you with is to consider what you're hoping to achieve through your fiesta medals. What message are you trying to send? Who is your audience?

It takes a little deep digging to find what this purpose is. But, we all know that it isn't just about a medal.

It represents your own symbol as apart of the San Antonio community. Considering who you are is an essential part of this design process.

For Your Fiesta Medals Design

You only have a once year to make an impression, so it's important you nail it each time. But, it can be tricky churning out new ideas or designs for each event.

So, that's where we come in. At Fiesta Medal, we pride ourselves on delivering the most friendly USA-based staff. We're willing to work with you on every step for your perfectly unique creation.

For your next fiesta, we want to help you deliver a medal that really encapsulates your brand. Sound good to you? Drop us a line and let's get chatting!

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