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What are the Fiesta Medals Made Out of?

October 25, 2021

Fiesta medals are created each year to celebrate Fiesta San Antonio. Companies, nonprofit organizations, and schools love to give away or sell Fiesta medals during the festivities this year. Our Fiesta medals are made out of high quality materials that look great and are meant to last. The quality and durability of our materials make Fiesta Metal products stand out among competitors. Here is an overview of what we make our Fiesta medals out of and how the choices you make about product design, size, and upgrades impacts the materials used.

Type of Fiesta Medals

We sell a variety of different Fiesta medals that can be used for giveaways or to generate sales to support nonprofit organizations. The type of medal you order and its design have an impact on what the medal is made from.

Soft Enamel Fiesta Medals

Soft enamel Fiesta medals are made from enamel and a metal backing. The medals are struck with the design to have raised and recessed edges. Without any colored enamel, these medals are considered “die struck” and feature all of the details of your design in a classic, timeless medal. With enamel added, the soft enamel medals have the bold and festive colors of your choosing.

Soft Enamel with an Epoxy Dome

Another variation of the soft enamel medal is with an epoxy dome added on top to protect the medal and to create a different look. It’s available as an upgrade for many designs that would otherwise use just soft enamel. In addition to making the medals more durable, the epoxy can create a smoother finish where the raised and recessed edges are less noticeable.

Hard Enamel Fiesta Medals

A hard enamel Fiesta medal is where the colored enamel is made to be flush with the medal. Just like soft enamel medals, this variation uses metal and colored enamel. This creates a smooth finished product instead of having raised edges that separate where the colors go. This upgrade creates a resulting medal that is ideal for some designs without too many fine details. Your designer can give you guidance during the design process on how this would impact the final look of your specific Fiesta medal.

Offset Printed Fiesta Medals

Offset printed medals use ink to print designs directly onto metal. The printed medal is then covered in epoxy to protect it. Offset printed medals are often faster to produce and can cost less than other types. Plus, the printing process is a strong choice for designs with many fine details that would be impossible to properly show in a die struck or enamel-based medal.

Plating Types for Fiesta Medals

There are different metals that can be used to create Fiesta medals. Each one offers a unique look and feel to the finished product. While all of the metals we use for Fiesta medals are durable and of a high quality, the right plating for your medal will depend on the design.

Polished Gold

Polished gold gives Fiesta medals a classic gold appearance. It is uncovered and visible in the raised and recessed edges, as well as the back. It is a durable metal that resists normal wear and tear well. Fiesta lovers won’t have to worry that their favorite medal will get scratched and dinged when they wear it on their vest or bag.

Sprayed Plating

Sprayed platings use paint to change the color of the metal to the color that you want it. Black is the most common sprayed plating, as it can really cause a design to pop from its dark lines and contrast. However, there are other colors that you can have sprayed onto a medal, including red, blue, and white.

Antique Plating

Antique plating have a special coating applied to give brand new medals an antique appearance. Many designs naturally lend themselves to an antique look with slight discolorations and imperfections. For Fiesta medals that celebrate San Antonio history or important company milestones, an antique finish is a good choice.

Rainbow Plating

Nothing says it’s a party like fun rainbow colors. Our Fiesta medals can have a rainbow, multi-colored plating for a festive and eye-catching look. It’s the perfect complement for die struck Fiesta medals to offer that touch of color against the plan metal color.


Each Fiesta medal also contains ribbon so people are able to wear it on their shirt, backpack, or vest. There are 13 different colors and patterns to choose from, including the American and Texas flag designs. The color you choose reflects the design of your medal and the colors of your organization.

 Ribbon Attachment

A ribbon attachment connects the ribbon to the medal. We use the highest quality ribbon attachments so that medals will not disconnect or break from the ribbon. If you plan to sell Fiesta medals, it’s important that the entire piece stays together, as it would be a poor reflection on your company or nonprofit if it broke.

Safety Pin

Fiesta Medals uses a premium safety pin clasp mount made from sturdy metal for its clasp and backing. This ensures that the ribbon and medal will not fall off of the wearer.


Fiesta Medals offers many different upgrades to make your medal truly stand out. While these upgrades add some cost to each medal, people will love the unique functionality that each variation brings. The exact upgrade will add new materials to your medal. The upgrades we currently offer for Fiesta medals include:

  • Rainbow
  • Glitter
  • Crystals
  • Spinners
  • Danglers
  • Glow in the Dark

As you start the process of ordering Fiesta medals for this year, it’s important to remember that quality materials matter. With durable, beautifully made medals, people are more likely to buy your medal or participate in your giveaway promotion. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and look forward to some fun.

Ready to design your own Fiesta medal? We can help you place your order throughout the year. Be sure to check us out and get a quote! We have everything Fiesta and more all in one place.

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