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Fiesta Medal Options

Fiesta Medal has a wide selection of custom fiesta medal styles, sizes, and prices to meet your budget.  We take pride in offering affordable custom fiesta medal pricing for your medal needs. Contact us today for your free quote or call us at 1-877-351-6883.

Ribbon Options:

Fiesta Medal Ribbon Options


Fiesta Medal Glitter
Glitter – only 10 cents per color per medal.
Custom Fiesta Medals
Glow In The Dark – Starting at 15 cents
Fiesta Medal Spinners
Spinners – Starting at 50 cents per medal.
Fiesta Medal with Crystals
Crystals – 10 cents each or 2 for 15 cents.
Custom Fiesta Medal Slider
Sliders – Starting at 50 cents per medal.
Custom Fiesta Medal Dangler
Danglers – Starting at 50 cents per medal.