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What Are The Most Common Fiesta  Medal Sizes People Order? 

May 5, 2023

As you prepare to start your order of Fiesta medals, you may wonder what are the most common sizes used during Fiesta. The medals come in many shapes and sizes depending on what design you want. However, each size and shape offer different benefits. The most common sizes are 1.5 and 2 inches, but there are many other common sizes in between. Here are some of the most common Fiesta medal sizes.

 Who Orders Fiesta Medals?

Fiesta San Antonio is an exciting time for the entire community. Over more than 100 years, it has grown from a single parade into a massive event that affects every part of the community. Fiesta medals are used during the event in several ways.

Many Fiesta medals are given away by charities and nonprofits. By doing so, they can raise awareness for causes and their organizations. Businesses also give them away as promotional items, which can be helpful in creating community relationships.

Finally, Fiesta medals are designed and sold by individuals or small businesses. By doing so, they can raise funds to support local small business operations. Many view it as an enjoyable way to support local businesses and help the local economy.

 1 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

The 1-inch medal is one of the smallest sizes that you can order. Making them smaller than that makes it difficult to add the right level of detail. However, these small medals make it possible to fit more of them in tight spaces. If you want people to use them in display collections, using a smaller size lets them fit more in.

Another reason to consider such a small size is because it can help lower the costs. Not all Fiesta medals are meant to be kept. If you are making disposable medals, then reducing the size to 1-inch saves money and materials.

  1.25 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

The 1.25-inch Fiesta medal design is slightly smaller than the normally-sized 1.5-inch medal. This difference is noticeable and helps create a design that looks and feels different than most other options.

Scaling down to the 1.25-inch or even the 1-inch size works best with designs that are simple. Less space means difficulty when adding fine details. While we can add these details, they may not show well because of how small and close together the different elements might be.

  1.5 Inch Fiesta Medal

1.5-inches is one of the most common sizes used to make Fiesta medals. 1.5-inches strikes a balance between size, cost, and designability. The vast majority of medals are made in this size because it is economical to do so without compromising on the design quality. When you try to design a medal, start with this size and then adjust as needed.

  1.75 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

You can upscale your medals to the 1.75-inch size. This gives you a bit more size to fit in details or upscale your design. However, increasing the size also increases the cost per unit slightly. 1.75-inches is relatively popular among people who want larger medals. However, the difference between 1.5-inches (the standard) and 1.75 inches may not be readily noticeable by most people. If you want a noticeably larger medal, try a size of at least half of an inch larger than your starting point.

  2 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

The other most common Fiesta medal size is 2-inches. What likely makes this the other most common size is that it is half an inch larger than the 1.5-inch standard, making it noticeably larger. 2-inch medals look and feel larger, which is what many people want when ordering custom medals. This gives you more space for details while also creating a medal that standards just based on its overall size.

  2.25 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

There is a 2.25-inch option that is a bit larger and serves as a good alternative to the 2-inch option. You might choose this if you want something larger, but 2-inches doesn’t feel exactly right. It gives you that little bit of extra space to get it just right. As medals are made larger, they are also more likely to be made thicker. The added material makes medals heavier, which can be a desirable feature on its own.

  2.5 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

The next major size up is the 2.5-inch option. At this size, medals feel noticeably large and heavy. In fact, those are two of the things that people are most likely to recognize about your medal. Medals of this size are almost always designed for collecting, which means they come with a higher level of detail. They are heavy as well, which gives them a more substantial feel. Because of the increased cost associated with this size, most medal designers use them for commemorative medals or other special types.

  3 Inch Fiesta Medal Size

The largest size Fiesta medal that you can get is the 3-inch size. Medals this large are relatively rare, but there are many available. These are almost exclusively used to mark special events or people with special significance. For example, someone high in an organization may receive a three-inch Fiesta medal.

Something to consider is the level of embellishments for 3-inch medals. They are often customized with matching ribbons and clasps. Another way to customize them is in the type of plating that you choose. Every Fiesta medal is plated as a part of the finish. Choosing a finish style that matches the theme is common on larger Fiesta medals.

  Custom Fiesta Medal Sizes

All of the sizes listed here are standard options. However, they are not your only options. You can order custom Fiesta medal sizes to fit your designs. Ordering a custom medal size can be a great way to make your medals stand out. If chosen correctly, medals of different sizes are noticeably different from standard options. You can also order medals that have customized shapes.

Wanna join in the fun with your own medals? Be sure to check us out and get a quote! We have everything Fiesta and more all in one place.

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