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Where Can You Find the Best Fiesta Medals in San Antonio?

March 13, 2024

Fiesta is a time-honored San Antonio tradition. Many of us are familiar with the traditions and enjoy dressing up in festive colors and serving our favorite Mexican dishes. Fiesta medals are on everyone’s minds this year as they plan their outfits, food, and decorations. When it comes to selecting the best Fiesta medals, there are many places to look. You can find great Fiesta medals in San Antonio and the surrounding areas at local retailers, non-profit fundraisers, Fiesta events, employers, and local sports teams. Read this blog post to learn more about where to find the best Fiesta medals in San Antonio.

Local San Antonio Retailers

There are many places to look when it comes to selecting the best Fiesta medals. One of the most readily available options is visiting a local retailer in San Antonio. There are many stores which sell Fiesta medals, especially during Fiesta season. Some retailers give away store or brand-specific pins during a raffle or with a purchase of a certain amount. It’s a great way to enjoy the brands that you love while supporting local non-profit organizations. It’s always worth visiting your favorite retailers around Fiesta time to see if they’re doing something special for the occasion. 

Another way to find Fiesta medals is to look online. There are many websites which sell them as well as others which offer information on sponsoring Fiesta activities and events.

Non-Profit Fundraisers

Non-profit organizations and schools rely heavily on fundraising to keep their programs and services running. One of the most popular methods for non-profits is selling Fiesta medals, especially those with a custom design.

Selling these medals is an easy way to raise money because it doesn't require much preparation or commitment from volunteers. They can simply be ordered and then sold by volunteers at the school or community festival. It isn't difficult to run a successful fundraiser with this type of product because it's so easy to implement.

A nonprofit can order as many medals as they want and they will be delivered to them without any additional charges. All the organization needs to do is find a way to sell the items and raise funds for their cause. By attending non-profit fundraisers or contacting the local non-profits you support, you can find great Fiesta medals to add to your collection.

Fiesta Events

The city of San Antonio has many events that are great for Fiesta. Places like the Arneson River Theatre, the Majestic Theatre, and the Alamo all host live events during Fiesta. Not only do these venues offer live music, they also offer food and drinks. There are plenty of promotional opportunities for the local businesses and organizations that want to promote their Fiesta events. In addition, many of these locations will also have cultural and business festivals during their timeframe. The venues themselves are great for selling Fiesta medals, but each one will also have a raffle or other giveaway for attendees.

If you want to get your kids excited about Fiesta before it’s time to participate in parades and larger events, visiting these places is a great way to start. These events will get their imaginations fired up and prepare them for what’s to come.


Many employers love to help out with Fiesta events by sponsoring an organization or providing a venue for the event. They may even provide the medals and give them to those involved with the event. This is a great gesture for employees because it allows them to show their support for the cause and have fun with their friends at the same time.

HEB Fiesta Medal

When you work in an office that helps sponsor Fiesta events, check with your supervisor to see if there are any opportunities available. If there are, volunteer with the organization that your employer has chosen to support. This is another way to get new Fiesta medals.

Local Sports Teams

San Antonio has many local sports teams to choose from when it comes to Fiesta medals. The Spurs, the Missions, and the Silver Stars are just a few of the options. Many people choose to support their favorite team with something that will last long after the season is over. A Fiesta medal with your favorite team logo is a great way to show your support all year round.

Sports teams love to support Fiesta events because they can give back to the community while promoting their brand. They may have commemorative Fiesta medals available or will create custom medals just for their loyal fan base. If you are a big sports fan or even if you are just looking for a unique Fiesta medal, it’s worth checking with your local team’s website to see if they have any available. 

Order Your Own Custom Fiesta Medal Pins

As you can see, there are many places to look for Fiesta medals. It doesn't matter what you collect, as long as you're passionate about a cause or organization and want to help out any way that you can. You can find great Fiesta medals at places like local retailers, non-profit fundraisers, local sports teams and event venues, or even through your employer. However, if you don't see the perfect medal for your needs, order your own custom Fiesta medals from Fiesta Medals.

Fiesta medals are a great way to show your San Antonio pride, but they can also be a pain when it comes time to find the perfect one. With so many options out there, it can be hard to pick the one that’s right for you. One of the best ways to get the perfect Fiesta medal is by getting your own custom pin made! Custom pins are fun and easy to personalize with any design or text. You will have complete creative freedom in designing the perfect pin for you!

Ready to design your own Fiesta medal? We can help you place your order throughout the year. Be sure to check us out and get a quote! We have everything Fiesta and more all in one place.