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Your Ultimate Guide to Fiesta Medals

February 26, 2018

Learn everything you need to know about the colorful tradition of fiesta medals in this short guide to their history, culture, and more.

It's Fiesta time and you know what that means - fiesta medals! This vibrant and fun tradition is a signature of the San Antonio area. Where did they come from? What do you do with them? Can you resell them for money? How collectible are they? We've got all of your burning medals questions and we're answering them. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible and fun tradition!

What Are Fiesta Medals?

This guide is comprehensive, so we're answering questions for newbies before we get to the deep stuff. If you're new to the San Antonio area or are just finding out about this trend, we'll clue you in. Fiesta medals are just that - medals - but they're much more than that. These medals are only given out around one time of year. Many businesses and charities create special medals every year, making them highly collectible.

Why Medals?

There are a few different timelines regarding San Antonio's famous fiesta medals. While many are very modern, they're not new. King Antonio was the first one to hand out these collectible medals way back in 1946. In 1971, King Antonio XLIX also put coins on ribbons and handed them out during the festivities.

When Can You Get The Medals?

Fiesta medals are only available for a limited time in the spring. The fiesta behind the medals is meant to honor and celebrate the Alamo and San Jacinto. These days, it's a great reason to honor history, party, and collect these fun, limited edition medals! It's such a big deal the city has spent up to $71,000 on creating new ones for the event.

Beyond Fiesta

Want fiesta medals but you missed the event in the spring? Don't panic. Besides places like eBay and Facebook, there are tons of places you can get medals. For example, Pin Pandemonium is a huge event. It happens before Fiesta's opening night. This is a great opportunity for those who are into collecting the medals to get together and trade. We even showcase our customers on our Fiesta Medals Page.

Wear Them With Pride

There's no wrong way to wear a fiesta medal. While traditionally worn on a jacket, you can definitely get creative with where you pin them. You can put them on a necklace, vest, hat, purse...Put them wherever you'd like, but just make sure you wear them with pride!

Types of Medals

There are tons of different types of fiesta medals. The traditional type of medal hangs from a ribbon, just like the very first fiesta medals. Beyond that, there are medals that hang from a pin, handmade medals, even medals that double as other things, like a bottle opener.

Are You Prepared For Fiesta?

Whether you're collecting them or are making them, you need to be ready for the best time of year - fiesta time! Need to craft some fiesta medals yourself? We've got you covered! We have a team of talented artist ready to help you with your next fiesta medal design. Once you've decided on your design and how many you're going to need, check out our pricing guide and place an order. Don't wait until the last moment - make sure you're ready for fiesta and order your medals today!

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