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Fiesta Medals for Sale

January 18, 2020

8 Super Unique Fiesta Medals For Sale We Made for Our Customers

Fiesta! Bright colors, parades, flowers, people, fun, and fiesta medals!

That's what the Fiesta San Antonio is all about. It is a celebration and a tradition that the city is proud of. The fiesta medal tradition is a very special part of this celebration too. Amid the hustle and bustle, you will find all sorts of fiesta medals for sale. Our famous San Antonio fiesta medals are the best way to commemorate this lively occasion every year.

As makers of fiesta medals, we're proud of how we serve the community in preparation for our beloved San Antonio Fiesta. We'd like to tell you about how the San Antonio Fiesta began – and, of course, about the origin of the medals.

Then, we'll give you details about our special handcrafted fiesta medals for sale, our happy customers, and the amazing work our designers do.

A Brief History of Fiesta Medals

From its beginnings 127 years ago, the eleven-day San Antonio Fiesta held in April now has 3.5 million people attending each year. Lovers of the Fiesta come from all over Texas, parts of the US — and the world — to revel in the experience.

The famous Battle of the Flowers Parade is now the second-largest float parade in the United States.

1891 was when the first San Antonio Fiesta took place. It started as a way to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers in the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto, both in 1836. At first, the Fiesta consisted just of the Battle of Flowers parade. In the early days, people, bicycles, and carriages would pass in front of the Alamo, and people would throw flower blossoms at one another. It was a group of women who came up with the idea of the parade of flowers. The tradition of women organizing all the floats for the Battle of Flowers parade continues to this day.

The Fiesta is a San Antonio municipal holiday. It focuses on and celebrates the independence of Texas and the flourishing Hispanic and indigenous cultures of the area. Today has grown in popularity and size, with more than 100 events spread over 11 days making it a festival of note – and worthy of a medal or two.

Where Did Fiesta Medals Come From?

The Fiesta medal tradition began in 1946 when the King Antonio of the Texas Cavaliers gave out coins to the local children during the Fiesta parade. These coins soon became prized possessions. Holes were drilled through the coins, and people began wearing them around their necks.

Soon after that, the Fiesta Medal was born and slowly developed into a favorite Fiesta tradition.

These days, businesses and organizations all over San Antonio create annual versions of these medals. Fiesta-goers love decorating their sashes, vests, jackets, hats, and sombreros) with these medals. Some San Antonio fiesta medals are even considered collector's items! People who've been coming to the San Antonio Fiesta for years usually wear all the medals they've collected from previous fiestas.

Fiesta medals are exchanged, bought and sold, and even given away in the spirit of fiesta exuberance.

Fiesta Medals We Made for Our Customers – We Make Them Especially For You!

We have an enthusiastic team of Fiesta medal artists who can help you design your very own fiesta medals for the San Antonio Fiesta 2020. Rumor has it that Fiesta 2020 is going to be bigger and better than ever, so best you start thinking about those medals early! Check out the great Fiesta Medal discounts we're offering if you place your order early.

The first fiesta medal we're going to highlight from the best of the ones we made in 2019 is the one for the Alliance Transportation Group. Coupled with a plain white ribbon, this medal features a bicycle, balloons, and flowers, echoing the freshness and youthfulness that characterizes the Fiesta San Antonio.

Next up is the Bolan Belman Tiny Finch, featuring references to war, ethnicity and religion, and the traditional sugar skull, dating back to the Aztecs.

Humor is also part of the SA Fiesta. The David Castro 2019 fiesta medal has a cheeky image of the poop emoticon wearing a sombrero, and the slogan "Poop happens". Dr. Castro is a gastroenterologist, so the medal is completely appropriate!

Another advertising medal is the Keep Cool Do Good medal with an image of an ice lolly. Original and fun.

Politicians also get into the mood of Fiesta as Party with Perry shows.  This medal illustrates the kind of fine detail our artists are capable of.

Clever designs such as the Taco Graduate 2019 Fiesta Medal (Image 55/95), featuring a taco on a scooter is also fun and hints at the wonderful variety of food enjoyed at the San Antonio Fiesta.

Last but not least is the Whispering Oaks Family Dental 2019, featuring a Mexican tooth, complete with mustache and boots.

Our Fiesta Medal Design Gallery has stacks of other medals on show that might inspire you for your 2020 order.

Quality ribbon attachments are important. Remember, these medals have to last for years and years! The ribbon attachments and add-ons such as glitter, sliders, danglers, spinners, crystals and glow in the dark features all contribute to the fabulosity of the final design.

Looking for Fiesta Medals For Sale? You've Come to the Right Place!

The San Antonio Fiesta 2020 is right around the corner.  Why don't you join in and join in the #medalmania by contacting us for a quote for your own medal, whether personal or corporate? Our quotes are free and our prices are very reasonable!

Fiesta medals are for sale all year round.  We are more than happy to help you with every step of the design and choosing process. Remember, we make the best fiesta medals. All of our happy customers say so!

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