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Why Is It Important to Award Your Event Winners With San Antonio Fiesta Medals?

June 1, 2020

Do you have an event where you want the winners to feel honored? Here are the reasons why you need to award your event winners with San Antonio Fiesta Medals.

In dark times, Texans look to our celebrated history to brighten our days. In San Antonio, what history shines brighter than the Battle of Flowers and the annual Fiesta San Antonio we throw to celebrate it?

The Fiesta began as a flower parade in celebration of Texan bravery at the Alamo. Over time, it grew into the enormous San Antonio festival we know and love today. Fiesta medals were introduced in 1971 to give festival attendees something to remember the experience all year long.

If you need custom made medals for an event, San Antonio Fiesta medals are the perfect solution. Read on to learn why they're important.

Fiesta Medals Symbolize Texan History

Fiesta San Antonio is, of course, a San Antonio cultural icon. It's more than that, though—it's a celebration for Texas!

The Alamo was originally a Spanish mission. In grade school, we learn Texans sacrificed their lives trying to defend it from Mexico. Although the Republic of Texas lost the battle, it also declared independence at the time, making the event bittersweet.

Fifty-five years later, a group of San Antonio women held the first Battle of Flowers. They joined in front of the battle site and threw flowers at each other to commemorate the fallen and celebrate Texas.

Fiesta isn't just about San Antonio as a city. It's not simply about the state of Texas, either.

Historically, it's about Spain, Mexico, and the indigenous nations that lived here first—and who still call this land home. Today, it celebrates Texas' impact on the whole world.

This Fiesta, party hard but take some time to remember what came before the festival, too: the indigenous peoples reeducated at the Alamo and the wars between Texas and Mexico that shaped our city, and impacted Mexico and the rest of the United States.

Are you still wondering what this history has to do with Fiesta San Antonio and the Fiesta medals? Without it, there would be no Fiesta at all!

There would be no San Antonio, and there would be no Texas. Fiesta's King Antonio wouldn't rule the party if not for the Spanish kings who sent colonizers here. Plus, Fiesta is a Spanish word!

When you award your event winners with San Antonio Fiesta pins, then, you're including them in this complex web of pre-colonial indigenous, Spanish, Mexican, city, and state history.

There's nothing historically significant about a plain medal. Why choose them when Fiesta medals will make your event one for the books?

Celebrate San Antonio's Community Today

When the Fiesta medal tradition began in 1946, only Fiesta royalty was allowed the actual medals, while King Antonio distributed coins to children. Fiesta coins became prized possessions and were turned into necklaces.

For that reason, King Antonio officially introduced Fiesta medals for all in 1971. Now, because anyone can get custom Fiesta pins and medals made, there's a special pin for every one of us.

Today, San Antonio residents celebrate Fiesta together with the Texas government, cultural groups and businesses of all sizes. From Mexican culture as represented by the official Mariachi Las Alteñas medal, to a local Baptist church, to important mental health causes, like suicide prevention—all facets of San Antonio's caring community are represented.  Even the iconic, San Antonio-headquartered Whataburger is involved, and recently released a Fiesta pin of its own!

In the beginning, Spanish in Texas was spoken by people from Spain. Nowadays, our culture has shifted. Many non-Spanish European Americans associate the language first with Tejano, Mexican, and Latino communities.

Many of our traditions, foods, and Fiesta medal designs reflect these celebrated cultures, as well. If you want to represent or promote these cultures, organizations, companies, and artists, you can purchase their official Fiesta pins to hand out.

Whether your event is during Fiesta or not, your group can celebrate San Antonio's diversity.

Medals for All Fiesta Participants

Although San Antonio is already thoroughly celebrated with a wealth of pins and medals to choose from, your organization or event isn't limited to ones already made!

Talented Fiesta medal artists are ready to create professional Fiesta medals for use within your organization, to distribute to the general public, or for any other purpose. No matter what you want on your medal, how silly or serious, how cartoony or beautiful, these artists design the Fiesta medals and pins of your dreams.

Looking for Where to Get Fiesta Medals?

If you weren't aware before, now you know that Fiesta medals are more than just tokens of a good time. They're also an important part of San Antonio's history and culture.

Years and years from now, we'll be looking back at the medals of today, remembering how we lived and who we were as a community.

Fiesta medals are one of the most meaningful, affordable event prizes you can award. We could all serve to learn from the past, so why not enrich your event with a little history lesson as you pass the medals out? Attendees will thank you for the knowledge, and they'll never forget your event and organization.

Now that you know how important awarding Fiesta medals is, are you ready to start the process of purchasing or designing your own custom medals or pins? It's no sweat at all with a no-obligation quote.

Buying Fiesta medals today is a great way to remember the past and prepare for the future. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Fiesta medals for your event today!

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