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Fashion for Fiesta: What to Wear at the 2018 Fiesta

April 23, 2018

Fashion for Fiesta: How To Dress Stylishly This Year

Want to rock your look this year? We've got you covered so you'll be prepared. Click here for the ultimate guide to mastering fashion for fiesta.

The 2018 Fiesta San Antonio has begun. This eleven-day party usually attracts 3.5 million people, all celebrating the history and culture of San Antonio.

If you are planning on attending the celebration this year, you have the perfect excuse to go clothes shopping. After all, you need to look stylish while attending the many daytime parades or A Night in Old San Antonio.

Maybe your thing is traditional fiesta clothing, and you want to sport an outfit with fiesta flair. Or, you might be more interested in a look based on 2018 fashion trends.

No matter what your taste, we've got you covered. Let's look at some of the best fashion for fiesta ideas below. Read on!

Fiesta Flair

The mood during Fiesta San Antonio is bright and cheerful, and your clothes can be too. Fashion for fiesta clothing makes use of vivid colors, delicate embroidery, and confident patterns.

Although you wouldn't be out-of-place wearing the brightest colors in your closet, a more subtle look is also possible. Try pairing a traditional Puebla blouse with skinny jeans or even shorts.

The bright colors of the shirt contrast with the neutral hues of the jeans, providing a more sophisticated look. Putting it all together can show off your creative and unique style.

You can glamorize your fashion for fiesta outfits with hats and other eye-catching accessories. Alternatively, flip-flops or other casual shoes can be worn during daytime events.

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it can accommodate large amounts of confetti. And don't forget your colorful sash. You're going to need it for all your medals!

Bling: It's Not Just For Royals

The Fiesta royalty aren't the only people who get to shine. One of the biggest trends for spring and summer 2018 are sequins. They can glam up your Fiesta outfits so you look royal too.

Surprisingly, sequins are now meant to be worn during the day. Sparkling shirts or jackets can be paired with more casual items like jeans or even sweatpants.

Sparkling Cinderella shoes are also very popular this year, although they are most likely not very good walking shoes. You can wear bejeweled pumps to nighttime parties instead of daytime Fiesta treks.


Maybe bright colors are just not your thing, Fiesta or no. Then you are in luck because one of the biggest fashion trends of 2018 is pastel colors.

Pink seems to be the it-color right now, but lavender and ice cream colors are also popular. These soft, warm shades are ideal for warmer temperatures and so would be a good choice for the Fiesta.

You could also combine them with any of the other 2018 fashion trends, such as wide-legged pants, ruffles, or fringes.

Wrapping Up Fashion for Fiesta

There you have it! Everything you need to know about dressing for Fiesta San Antonio 2018. From traditional Fiesta-inspired pieces to sequins to pastels, you have lots of fashion choices!

If you are looking to pair a medal (or two!) with your outfit, we've got you covered! Why not contact us today for a quote? We'd love to make your custom Fiesta medal.

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