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Giveaway Ideas: High-Quality Custom Fiesta Medals

November 30, 2020

Looking for a way to make an impression as distinct and unique as your company? A custom fiesta medal might be just the thing!

Research shows promotional products work and work well for keeping your company name in front of potential customers. This is a good thing since companies spend more than $20 billion each year on them. However, some giveaway ideas end up in the trash after a few months.

Fiesta medals have clear advantages that can help your company make the most of its marketing dollars and promotional budget.

Fiesta San Antonio began as a single parade of horse-drawn carriages organized to honor the heroes from the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. It has since evolved into a 10-day celebration of San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultures with a carnival, balls, and coronations.

And medals. Lots and lots of medals.

Fiesta Medal Giveaway Ideas

What Makes Fiesta Medals Special  

Most fiesta medals sell to raise money for San Antonio charities every year. But they are also used as giveaway ideas for parties held before and during the celebration. Interesting medals are highly prized, collected, and traded during each year’s Pin Pandemonium at the beginning of the fiesta.

Medals on the market range in price from $7-$15, so they are not an inexpensive giveaway option. But their value as a way to get extra publicity or celebrate a special anniversary far exceeds the cost.

More than 2.5 million people flock to Fiesta San Antonio each year. This gives you a large audience built-in for business promotion and giveaway attention.

Five Reasons Fiesta Medals Make Good Giveaway Ideas  

Fiesta Medal Giveaway Ideas

You have so many choices for giveaway ideas; what makes custom fiesta medals the right one for you? Here are five reasons that might help you in making your choice for a contest prize or giveaway idea.

1. Medals Provide Strong Company Alignment  

Fiesta medals are strongly associated with Hispanic and San Antonio cultures. A quick look at any medal collection delivers up plenty of sugar skulls, papel picado, cacti, and adobe missions. Your business can reinforce its ties to the Hispanic community by incorporating similar ideas into your pin artwork.

San Antonio is full of city legends such as the chupacabra, Ghost Tracks, and Donkey Woman. Or you could take inspiration from landmarks such as the Tower of America, the Alamo, or the River Walk.

Beyond the cultural ties, Fiesta San Antonio raises funds to help the city’s citizens throughout the year. Connect your brand to this spirit of giving with your own medal either by donating money from sales or incorporating your charity into the art.

2. Ongoing Promotional Value  

There is a strong collecting tradition with fiesta medals that grows each year. Festival attendees often wear medals on a sash or hat to show off the gems of their collection.

This means you’ll spend the money one year to buy and give away your custom medal, and get promotional value for years. The more thought you put into create a great design, the more likely it will be shown off by a collector.

3. Publicity Options Beyond Just a Prize for Parties  

You can certainly promote your fiesta medal as a giveaway prize for a party or contest and get attention that way. But clever custom medal designs also get a lot of publicity in the months before the festival. Pin collectors are eager learn about new pins and want to know what to buy or hunt down. It’s worth it to take the time to create a unique idea.

Your pin also opens opportunities for user-generated content. For example, you could run an online contest on Instagram or Facebook, then promote your event winner.

A great idea for this would be to include a San Antonio landmark in your pin artwork. Your contest could have users take pictures of themselves at that location. They can then submit them for the contest with a special hashtag, giving you and your pin plenty of attention.

4. Super Custom and Distinct  

Because your fiesta medal is custom made, you can be confident no one else will have what you’re offering. This is particularly true if you’ve made a distinctive connection to your business by using your logo, history or location.

One common way to make a special medal is to celebrate an anniversary in the design. Not only will the medal stand out the crowd, it becomes a design that can never be repeated - even by you! Keep this to first, tenth or other big dates to maximize promotional value.

Increase the appeal and exclusivity of your medal artwork with add-on features such as glow-in-the-dark paint, glitter, crystals, danglers, or moving parts. These can add to the fun and make them more collectible over time.

Also consider working with a special shape for your medal that ties to what your business does. In past years, we've created medals for companies shaped like nail polish bottles, clothes hangers and even a faucet with water droplet danglers.

5. Create Value Not Junk  

There is a lot of talk about sustainability in the promotional materials market. After all, who really needs another pen or tote bag? These types of items might stick around for a few months, but ultimately end up in the trash.

With a custom fiesta medal, you know you’re giving away a prize that will be kept and treasured for years rather than tossed in the trash after a few months. The better your design, the more collectors will want to share and show it off.

Ready to Create Your High-Quality Custom Fiesta Medal?  

As giveaway ideas go, these custom fiesta medals are a unique, quality item sure to garner you the attention you’re after. They are a key tradition of the Fiesta San Antonio celebration and thus a special promotional opportunity you don’t want to miss out on if you do business in the region.

Our group of top artists stand ready to help you develop your special design for the 2021 celebration. Contact us for your next fiesta medal design!

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