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The Winning Fiesta Medals of 2018

June 21, 2018

Fiesta medals are a big part of San Antonio's culture. 2018 has proven to be a great year for some amazing fiesta medals. Click here for the winning fiesta medals 2018.

The judges of the San Antonio Express-News Fiesta Medals Contest chose the Fiesta Medals 2018 winners this past April.

These judges considered each medal's cleverness and the professionalism of the manufacturing. However, the beauty of a Fiesta medal is the object's most important and influential characteristic.

The widest selection of medals typically comes from businesses and law enforcement.

However, the 2018 contest's medals fell into 21 different categories in total. These groups included entertainment, religion, and bars and restaurants.

Read on for a list of the major winners in some of the biggest categories at the Fiesta Medals 2018 Contest.

The Origin of Fiesta Medals

So when did the tradition of Fiesta medals actually begin?

The origin of the medals can be traced back to Texas Cavaliers in 1946. They would make their own coins and give them to children in the hospital.

But it is Charles G. Orsinger, known as King Antonio XLIX, who is credited with creating the first true Fiesta medal.

In 1971, Orsinger took the coins that were typically presented to King Antonio and punched holes in them. He then added ribbons and pins to the coins, inventing what people now call Fiesta medals.

Fiesta Medals in Modern Day

In a way, the Texas Cavaliers can be considered the first Fiesta medal artists.

However, nowadays, major businesses, city departments, and individual artists create their own medals.

Each Fiesta medal is about two to three inches in size.

Collecting medals became more popular in the 1990s. Collectors have accumulated thousands of them over the past two-plus decades.

Fiesta Medals 2018 Winners for Best in Show

Palo Alto College's PACfest Fiesta medal won first place in the Best-in-Show category. It also got top honors in the Education category.

La Familia Cortez's medal came in second place in the Best-in-Show group. It also finished first place in the Medal Series category.

Lastly, UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures' medal received third place for Best in Show. It took the number-one spot in the Arts and Culture category.

First-Time Category Winners

The Texas Provencio's "Ay Te Dego en San Antonio" accordion Fiesta medal won first place in the First-Time category.

Meanwhile, Gavin Heath's "Fruit Cup Caterpillar" medal came in second.

Lastly, Pick-n-Pull Self-Service Auto & Truck Dismantlers' Fiesta medal received the honor of third place out of the First-Time group.

Individuals Category Winners

First place in the Individuals category went to Amanda Lynn Infante for her "Don't Be Self Conchas" medal.

David Durbin came in second place for his Fiesta medal, "Skyride over Sunken Gardens."

Lastly, Eddy and Stella De La Garza received third place for their "Joske's of Texas" medal.

Going Forward

There were many winners during this year's San Antonio Express-News Fiesta Medals Contest in over twenty different categories.

Which Fiesta medal from 2018 was your favorite? What do you hope to see from Fiesta medal artists for the 2019 contest?

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