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Fiesta Outfits: The Definitive Guide to the Ultimate Fiesta Outfit

January 14, 2020

Your Guide to Putting Together the Ultimate Fiesta Outfit

Fiesta is an amazing time to see eye-catching fashions all over San Antonio. Use this guide to put together your ultimate fiesta outfit.

Since 1891, Fiesta has brought the party to San Antonio, and it remains one of the most popular and anticipated cultural events of the year. What's so great about the event?

Not only does it feature all of the delicious eats, cold beer, and live music you could ever want, but spectator participation is a must. From eclectic hats to vibrant, collectible pins and the perfect Fiesta outfit, going prepared ramps up the fun.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Read on for our complete guide to noteworthy Fiesta fashion, from event-worthy outfits to the best collectible pins.

Start Planning Your Fiesta Outfit for 2020 Now

Fiesta represents the biggest party to hit San Antonio each year, so make sure you do it up in style.

With next year's Fiesta slated to run from April 16th through April 26th, 2020, now's the perfect time to start planning for this event. Fall is right around the corner, which means plenty of season-end summer clothes deals.

But what is Fiesta, and how should you dress?

This two-week celebration pays homage to the heroes who fought and died at the Alamo as well as those who later triumphed at the Battle of San Jacinto. But it also pays tribute to the city's Mexican roots.

It started with the Battle of Flowers, a bloom-laden parade meant to preserve the memories of the Republic's fallen soldiers and veterans. But has since blossomed into an event featuring multiple parades, lots of live music, and no end to the fun.

You'll be amazed to know that public schools even close during the Battle of the Flowers!

This year's Battle of the Flowers will be held on April 24th, 2020. This day marks the largest concentration of parades, confetti, and margaritas found during Fiesta.

During the parade, expect to see plenty of floats covered in paper flowers. You'll also see many people wearing flower-inspired outfits and bloom-filled crowns in their hair. How can you dress for success at Fiesta?

Go Bold and Colorful at Fiesta

When it comes to Fiesta dress, the brighter and more colorful, the better.

Since Fiesta commemorates San Antonio's Mexican heritage, you can't go wrong with embroidered Mexican shirts for men and long, flowing dresses with flower crowns for women.

Where can you find the perfect flower crown? Duck into any of the cute boutiques in downtown San Antonio, and you'll find a wide selection.

Besides bright colors and Mexican-inspired garments, white makes a stunning statement. Consider a white dress with crochet or embroidery details. White button-down shirts or jeans work well for men.

Pastels also make a great statement when it comes to Fiesta. And, like white, they're a great option for staying cool. If you opt for this palate, go with the warmer shades in keeping with Fiesta's spicy cultural traditions.

The Fiesta Fashion Parade

If you're attending the Texas Cavaliers River Parade or the Mariachi Festival, you've got plenty of fun, funky options. Consider glamming it up with high-end Western wear or go traditional with Mexican Fiesta clothes.

Start with turquoise jewelry and a long lacy or fringed dress. Add leather fringed accessories such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, and scarves for the perfect Fiesta look. Paired with a killer pair of cowboy boots, this style will go the distance.

Or, choose a flower-embroidered corset with shorts for a fresh, funky look. Accessorize with a colorful flower in your hair, and you're ready to go. This is a great look to rock while attending any of the event's iconic parades.

Straw hats with milagro adornments remain a colorful way to shade your face from the sun while staying on fashion point. Gold chandelier earrings provide the perfect accessory as well as elegant wedges or bow-trimmed mules.

The Perfect Fiesta Outfit for Each Event

For a Night in Old San Antonio, think sheer, flowing fabrics. Just remember to plan for wind by wearing the proper undergarments as it can get breezy.

Or, consider a high-low pleated print dress. When you choose one in a flowery shade of pink or orange, it's the ideal way to channel Fiesta's energetic vibe. Pair your dress with gladiator sandals for the ultimate in stylish appeal and comfort.

Will you be attending the King William Fair and parade? If so, think lightweight Fiesta dresses San Antonio. Look for fabrics such as:

  • Voile
  • Organza
  • Cotton
  • Chiffon

Go for festive colors and a loose, elegant fit. A tailored top paired with either a voluminous skirt or palazzo pants represents another option if you're ready to branch away from more traditional fiesta fashion dresses.

And for Coronation? You can showcase both your naughty and nice sides. Look for extravagant twists on classic embroidery such as sequins, crystals, or rhinestones. These unexpected touches will let you channel your inner Taylor Swift.

Go for blouses in global prints or blinged-out Fiesta t-shirts with plenty of collectible event pins. Pair these with embroidered culottes for a cute, quirky look.

Casual Fiesta Looks for Men

For men, pair a brightly colored button-down shirt with a pair of white pants. Not only is this a handsome look but one strategically chosen to ward off some of San Antonio's notorious heat and sun. Or, go for a casual short-sleeve, button-down shirt paired with Bermuda or khaki shorts.

For guys who prefer a Western look, pair your favorite pair of Levi's with a solid leather belt and blingy buckle. Put on a flashy pair of cowboy boots, preferably with embroidery or bright colors. Don't forget an embroidered shirt and cowboy hat.

What Will You Wear?

As you can see, you've got plenty of options when it comes to the perfect Fiesta outfit. From Western wear to Mexican-inspired pieces, fringe to sequined numbers, what will you wear in 2020?

To up the fun factor, craft outfits inspired by different events. But whatever you do, don't forget your Fiesta medals!

These vibrant, iconic little pieces of artwork are perfect on sashes, vests, or hats providing you with event-worthy bling. And you can collect them from all of your favorite events.

But why wait for April when you can start preparing for your 2020 fiesta medal pins? Check out our latest fiesta medal designs.

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