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Prepping for the next battle of flowers san antonio parade

Prepping for the Next Battle of Flowers San Antonio Parade

It's everybody's favorite parade. How are you prepping for the next Battle of Flowers San Antonio? Here's some ideas to get started. If you're passing by San Antonio in April, you might notice how much more vibrant the city feels. You also might catch the occasional local covered in medals, flowers, and bright colors. Where are […]

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What Is Fiesta in San Antonio? 7 Facts About This City-Wide Celebration

Each year, Fiesta attracts approximately 3.5 million people to the streets of San Antonio, making Fiesta one of the largest festivals in the United States. If you're not a San Antonio native, you might be wondering, what is Fiesta in San Antonio? What does the festival represent and why is it an event that everyone […]

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How to Make Colorful Fiesta Festival Flowers

San Antonio's Fiesta Festival is a colorful celebration of tradition. This article will help you craft your own Fiesta Festival flowers to celebrate. Every year in April, San Antonio comes alive with flowers, parades, parties, sporting events, and fun. It’s the Fiesta Festival, and it’s one of the most amazing weekends to be in Alamo […]

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Fiesta San Antonio

Who is Miss Fiesta? The Story Behind the Texas Tradition

Every year, Miss Fiesta is crowned in San Antonio. So what is the history behind this Texas tradition? San Antonio, a city of nearly 1.5 million people, sees 3.5 million people every year to commemorate their annual Fiesta. During this 10-day event in late April, the streets become flooded with music, food, and vendors to […]

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