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Who is Miss Fiesta? The Story Behind the Texas Tradition

April 3, 2018

Every year, Miss Fiesta is crowned in San Antonio. So what is the history behind this Texas tradition?

San Antonio, a city of nearly 1.5 million people, sees 3.5 million people every year to commemorate their annual Fiesta. During this 10-day event in late April, the streets become flooded with music, food, and vendors to celebrate this Texas tradition. If you've never been to San Antonio Fiesta, it's a one of a kind celebration you've got to experience once.

The first Fiesta was a memorial event to honor those who had fought at the Alamo and San Jacinto. Where once it was a more serious and somber event, it's now grown into San Antonio's version of Mardi Gras. It brings in serious tourism funding and brings the local community together for these ten days.

If you're thinking about visiting Fiesta, you've got to get to know the royalty who preside over festivities. The competition for Miss Fiesta is fierce so get to know her.

Who Is She?

Miss Fiesta is part of the nine members of royalty who are part of the San Antonio Fiesta. Miss Fiesta is a young San Antonio woman who has not only won a beauty pageant but has also participated in charitable work.

Miss Fiesta celebrates the accomplishments of young women in the community and is awarded a scholarship along with her sash and crown. Every year, she reigns over the festivities and helps to raise awareness of the Fiesta Foundation in San Antonio.

Since 1949, a new Miss Fiesta was named every year, in conjunction with the Flambeau Parade. Judges choose Miss Fiesta from among the city's college students as part of this Texas tradition.

What Does She Do?

Miss Fiesta is expected to travel to several events leading up to the Fiesta. She spreads the word and builds community excitement about the festivities.

She also has to compile a community project around one of the program areas sponsored by the Fiesta Foundation deals. She describes this plan to the community at her many stops and builds support, often signing up volunteers for community service.

This year's Miss Fiesta is named Carla Juarez, and she has a comprehensive education plan. She wants to reach out to students in underperforming public schools.

She will put together a book drive to encourage reading at home, different community outreach events, and several school presentations.

This Texas Tradition Lives On

While many traditions come and go, this is one excellent condition to shine a light on community activism and support the work of young women in the region. While everyone else is enjoying food, drinks, and fun, Miss Fiesta will be out advocating for better public education. Everyone can raise a glass to that.

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