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Fiesta Week San Antonio

How To Stand Out During San Antonio Fiesta Week: A Comprehensive Guide

San Antonio in 1890 was a thriving urban and trade center, 38,000 residents strong. By 1891, a core group of citizens of this booming metropolis decided to create an event that would honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Thus, the San Antonio Fiesta was born. What did the first parade look […]

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Downtown San Antonio Hotels

The Best Places to Eat in San Antonio During Fiesta

Are you planning to take part in the Fiesta festivities? If so, be sure to get to know some of the best places to eat in San Antonio here. Did you know that the Battle of Flowers first occurred in 1891? It's now one of Fiesta's biggest and most well-known festivals! Fiesta is an unavoidable event […]

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Why You Need to Experience the San Antonio Fiesta

Why You Need to Experience the San Antonio Fiesta Every year in April, millions of people visit San Antonio for the 11-day all-out celebration known as Fiesta. It celebrates hometown pride and is loved by locals and tourists alike.  But what is San Antonio Fiesta? Why should you care? And how can you best enjoy […]

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