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The Best Places to Eat in San Antonio During Fiesta

December 6, 2019

Are you planning to take part in the Fiesta festivities? If so, be sure to get to know some of the best places to eat in San Antonio here.

Did you know that the Battle of Flowers first occurred in 1891? It's now one of Fiesta's biggest and most well-known festivals! Fiesta is an unavoidable event for anyone living in San Antonio. Every April people leave their homes to join in the celebration and experience the various festivals that Fiesta has to offer! Fiesta has plenty of food options for visitors, whether it be onsite or in the surrounding San Antonio area. Which eateries are the best to visit during Fiesta though?

Don't worry—we can help you create the perfect culinary itinerary! Below we've compiled a guide of the best places to eat in San Antonio during Fiesta!

The Best Places to Eat in San Antonio During Fiesta

Mr. Chicken

J.J. Gonzalez has served chicken on a stick at NIOSA for years. Known better as Mr. Chicken, Gonzalez has become pretty legendary at Fiesta. Chicken on a stick is now a Fiesta staple, and you can't go through the Instagram #FiestaSanAntonio tag without seeing chicken on a stick.

Mr Chicken San Antonio

Chicken on a stick is pretty self-explanatory...but if you need it broken down, it's a piece of breaded chicken and a jalapeño on a skewer. It's become a Fiesta delicacy, and you don't want to leave the celebrations without experiencing it. You will probably have to wait in a pretty long line while you're at NIOSA just to get your hands on one, but they're worth it!

Henry's Puffy Tacos

San Antonio is home to the puffy taco. If you're looking for an tasty dish to have during Fiesta, look no further! Henry's Puffy Tacos is one of the most iconic restaurants in San Antonio and will satisfy any puffy taco fix you may have. Puffy tacos are essentially what they sound like: puffed fried corn masa dough, which are then filled with taco fixins. Henry's Puffy Tacos is where it all began for these taco spinoffs!

Henrys Puffy Tacos

While they have both the original Henry's Puffy Tacos location, there is also a Henry's Puffy Tacos Express, for when you want to grab a quick bite before returning to your Fiesta celebrations.

Oyster Bake

The Oyster Bake is another Fiesta tradition that you don't want to miss out on. 100,000 oysters are sold at this event! You can get 'em baked, fried, or raw! But Oysters aren't the only thing you should taste while you're at the Oyster Bake. Aside from being yet another Fiesta location where you can pick up some beautiful medals, the Oyster Bake also has shrimp, steak on a stick, and corn in a cup for you to snack on!

Fiesta Oyster Bake

Mi Tierra

Mi Tierra operates as both a cafe and bakery, and is the perfect place to grab some food after a long day at Fiesta. Why, you ask? Well, it's open 24 hours! So, if you're looking for some late-night grub, it's the place to go.

Whether you're just looking for a light bite or a full meal, Mi Tierra is the place to go. They have breakfast tacos, as well as other breakfast fare, such as huevos rancheros. For dinner, get their well-loved menudo! If you want something quick for the road, pick up some of their pan dulce.

Mi Tierra Fiesta


Guajillo's brands itself as "The Shortcut to Mexico", and it seems to live up to this title. It has been praised for having very genuine Mexican cuisine, so if you're looking for authenticity, this is the place to go! Those looking for a tortilla soup fix should check out Guajillo's! If you've had a long day at Fiesta and want to get a sweet fix that isn't a funnel cake, stop in for flan at Guajillo's.

Guajillos San Antonio Fiesta

Maria's Tortillas

Maria's Tortillas are another NIOSA tradition that Fiesta goers shouldn't miss out on. These handmade tortillas arrive to customers warm and fresh, loaded with cheese and salsa. The line's will be long for this tasty tradition as well, but Fiesta veterans insist it's worth the wait. If you are searching for the perfect tortilla during Fiesta, you can't go wrong with Maria's!

Los Balito's Taco Shop

This is another one you'll want to hit up if you're searching for a 24 hour joint. Los Balito's Taco Shop is one of the best places to eat in San Antonio if you're looking to take a quick break from the hubbub of Fiesta. From carne asada fries to California burritos to mini tacos, you're sure to find something you like at Los Balito's. If you want to get back to collecting medals at Fiesta, you can always utilize their takeout option as well!

Los Balitos Tacos

A Flavorful Fiesta

Fiesta is a wonderful celebration of culture, and locals and transplants alike can't imagine San Antonio without the annual celebration. There are plenty of places to eat in San Antonio during Fiesta, whether it be at a Fiesta event or on the outskirts of the Fiesta happenings. You are sure to find something to fill your belly and put a smile on your face!

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