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Top 7 Foods You Have to Check Out at San Antonio's Fiesta

September 18, 2018

Top 7 Fiesta Foods

If you go to Fiesta, you better head there with an empty stomach. Read on to learn the top foods to check out at San Antonio's Fiesta.

If food is life, then Fiesta foods represent the kind of life we want to live.

San Antonio is the home of the famous four-day Night in Old San Antonio. It's one of the largest historic preservation festivals in the US. But other than the great lineup of entertainment, we know NIOSA for one thing: food.

Fiesta has more fajitas than you can imagine, and they're all great. Walk a few feet and you'll find a great street vendor selling this staple dish.

But NIOSA doesn't only offer fajitas. You can get almost anything at Fiesta, from gorditas to chicken on a stick. If you're planning a gastronomic tour through Fiesta, keep reading. Just don't do it on an empty stomach!

1. Chicken on a Stick

Chicken on a stick is a simple meal. "Mr Chicken," aka J.J. Gonzalez, serves his breaded chicken on a stick with a jalapeno on top.

That doesn't sound too fancy. But it's a NOISA favorite because of its flavor and mobility. Grab a chicken on a stick before you head off to watch the Fiesta parades.

2. Bongo K-Bobs

Bongo K-Bobs became a staple Fiesta food in 1992. They're named in honor of San Antonio's beloved Bongo Joe, a street percussionist.

These spicy kebabs are also a tribute to the food of the early African American settlers in San Antonio. You can make them at home, but they're never as good as they are at Fiesta.

3. Oysters

NIOSA takes it's oysters very seriously. The Oyster Bake takes place every year on St. Mary's University campus.

You can get your oysters however you want, but most people order them fried. Don't forget to wash down those oysters with an ice cold beer!

4. Beers

Speaking of beers, NIOSA introduced craft beer to their line-up in 2017. That means you can sample the best San Antonio breweries have to offer in the Craft Beer Saloon.

There are plenty of craft beers on tap, from places like the Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling. So get adventurous and try the local flavors!

5. Corn in a Cup

This is another Fiesta food you wouldn't think to write home about. But we dare you to walk past the vendors with that corn and butter smell in the air. Plus, it's less messy than an actual corn on the cob.

Coat it with butter, cayenne pepper, and lemon-pepper seasoning for that Fiesta taste.

6. Gorditas

Gorditas are another mobile-friendly food they do best at Fiesta. They make these pastries with masa and stuff them with almost anything you want.

But be careful when you eat them! Have plenty of napkins on hand, or else the filling might drip onto your special Fiesta fashion looks.

7. Paleta

If you want something sweet to finish off the night, try a paleta. Paletas are frozen treats made from all natural ingredients. You can get flavors like pineapple, banana, or mango.

But if you're in the mood for something a little more adult, try the margarita paletas. It's refreshing like the drink, and you don't have to worry about spilling.

Looking for More Ideas for Fiesta Foods and Events?

Fiesta foods aren't the only great thing about this event. There's so much history and tradition that's packed into NIOSA.

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